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Builders are now given the opportunity to build with a CO2-neutral climate footprint

Woodsafe Timber Protection shows the way in sustainable production of fire-impregnated wood products, which helps builders meet sustainability goals. In line with the climate goals, Woodsafe is the perfect choice for architects in their work to prescribe sustainable wooden structures.


We offer customers unsurpassed and minimal climate footprint as our entire production has been converted to self-sufficient electricity supply via solar energy plant, and all heat energy from biofuel plant where pellets come from nearby sawmills.


But we have done more than that. To minimize the consumption of the earth's resources and waste, all external and internal lighting has been switched to LED lighting, which is controlled by timers and sensors so as not to be lit for longer than necessary. Ventilation units in office buildings have been replaced with new modern units with high efficiency, heat recovery.


As an ISO 14001:2015 certified company, we take responsibility for all our waste that committed staff sorts. What can be recycled is sorted separately, e.g. wood foil, steel, corrugated cardboard, batteries. Other waste is sorted based on use, e.g. wood is sorted for incineration in a municipal incineration plant.


Woodsafe Timber Protection is the first 1) fire impregnation company to have invested so heavily in sustainable production. Our consumption has decreased dramatically in all areas:

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Our entire fleet of trucks is electrified and charged from the sun's rays at our roof-mounted solar power plant and our heavy-lifting loader is the 2021 model year of the Volvo BM L110H which has the latest innovative technology and 20% better fuel efficiency.