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Woodsafe named Trade Partner of the Year 2021

The motivation:


Woodsafe Timber Protection is a leading manufacturer of fire-impregnated wood in Europe with the whole of Europe as its market. In recent years, dream project after dream project has been checked off, now only one dream remains: to build with Swedish wood in space!


As an example, Woodsafe have delivered to the world’s tallest wooden house (Mjöstornet), the world’s largest roof on Gardemoens PirNord, to Europe’s largest city centre block in wood – Hagastaden in Stockholm, they are official sponsors and will delivered all wood that can be impregnated to Sweden’s Pavilion in World Expo Dubai.


Woodsafe has never lost sales or volume in 31 years and last year when the whole world was put on hold, they had their best year ever. Their strategic goal is to establish themselves in more countries and today thet receive inquiries and interest from players in Greece, Poland, Chile, Belgium, Italy, France, the UK and more. Already today, they deliver to their home markets Sweden, Norway, Denmark as well as Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and more.


You can read the entire article from Association of Trade Partners Sweden here: