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Woodsafe VD prisas i CEO Today Global Awards 2021

The founder and CEO of Woodsafe Timber Protection, Thomas Bengtsson, was introduced to flame retardant timber 30 years ago. With a strong will and conviction to create a value chain in the wood construction sector, Thomas has built one of Europe’s most successful flame-retardant treatment centres with two empty hands and no capital. He is a true entrepreneur, who believes in the importance of being able to see at least 5-10 years into the future in order to realise your dreams.


We have embraced the UN’s global goals, which is something every single company needs to do. Woodsafe has always worked towards sustainable manufacturing and sustainable product properties. As an example, our entire fleet of forklifts is electrified and all heat energy we need comes from our own modern biofuel boilers where we burn residual products from the wood industry such as pellets. We sort all our waste and recycle everything that can be reused.


We also invest in the county’s largest solar energy plant and its own factory roofs, which will provide us with all the energy we need for the whole year!


Woodsafe is the only CO2 neutral manufacturer of flame-retardant wood products in Europe and actively supports organisations like Water Aid, WWF, Operation Smile and more.