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WOODSAFE® PRO™ is a fire protection for wood products with a very wide and versatile area of use, e.g. when you are in need of facade cladding for multi-storey buildings with requirements for SP-Fire 105 and which are to be painted e.g. traditionally red. If you are in need of fire-protected wood panels or plywood for interior application e.g. wall and ceiling panel, acoustic plywood, decor, fixed furnishings, Woodsafe PRO™ is the perfect choice when you want to retain the feel, structure, shade of the wood. Woodsafe PRO™ is very well suited for installations such as sports and sports facilities, conference facilities, hotels, schools, universities, hospitals, public premises, e.g. mall and shopping center.

WOODSAFE® PRO™ is not based on hygroscopic substances such as ammonium phosphate, di-ammonium, monoammonium, urea or similar substances that are common, which often creates problems with e.g. mold growth outdoors and indoors in difficult climatic conditions such as attics.


Read more about WOODSAFE® PRO™ on the Woodsafe website